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Alliances Program for Education and Training - PAEC
Alliances Program for Education and Training - PAEC
Launched in 2011, the Program is one of the most important regional cooperation initiatives in the educational field for the development of Latin America and the Caribbean, and its main objective is to contribute to the integration and regional strengthening of the Americas through the comprehensive studies for ¿stricto sensu¿ postgraduate courses (Masters and Doctorate), offered by the Brazilian Universities associated with the GCUB to students from the 34 member countries of the OAS, except Brazil.
Students of high academic level, with leadership trajectory and with high potential of impact in their countries of origin are selected. These professionals experience scientific and cultural exchange, through academic mobility, and return to their countries of origin with the mission of contributing to the socioeconomic development of the society in which they are inserted.

Candidates who wish to graduate in Brazil (master's or doctoral degree)
All areas of knowledge;
24 months training (master's degree) and 48 months (doctorate);
7 editions so far;
More than 26,000 applications received;
2,195 scholarships have already been offered;
1,853 students have already been benefited;
29 OAS member countries represented among the students;
59 Universities associated with GCUB represented in the Program;
650 postgraduate courses offered.

Partners and supporters:
Organization of American States (OAS);
Pan-American Organization of S ealth Organization (PAHO / WHO);
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil - Division of Educational Themes (MRE / DCE).

Scholarships offered by Brazilian universities to the amount of R$1,500.00 for Masters students and R$2,200.00 for PhD students;
Installation subsidy of US$1,200.00 paid by the OAS for the 150 first placed in the selection process;
Exemption from academic fees;
Portuguese course for foreigners offered by Brazilian universities.
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